Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dairy Plant Manufacturers in India

Glycol chilling systems have major significance in various industrial applications. It has major role in brewery and dairy industry. Refrigeration is one of the major process that occurs in both of these industries.

Glycol Chilling systems has created advanced changes for dairy and brewery industry. Energy saving is one of the major challenge that every brewery and dairy industry face. Our glycol chilling systems operates at 25 to 27 F Glycol solution compared to traditional chiller systems. These systems are high reliable and efficient. The chillers are manufactured in our sophisticated factory and tested for high reliability. It is composed of high resistant corrosion material.
glycol chilling for brewery


  •        Small size
  •        Efficient compression
  •        Low maintenance
  •        Working speed
  •        Low temperature

We offer our esteemed clients with glycol chilling systems at convenient prices. Our plants can meet all the clients requirements and set up these plants all over the world.