Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Industrial Refrigeration Plant Manufacturer

Industrial cooling or chilling plants are essential for the upkeep of food and dairy farm product. The refrigeration plants factory-made by United States are designed by considering the individual necessitites and specifications.The construction, sturdy and economical in performance. The various varieties of refrigeration processes embrace cold storages,method cooling,water chilling etc.Chethan engineering services are the leading Industrial refrigeration plant manufacturer in republic of India.

We provides the following products

  • Chilled water plant
  • Chilled Water System
  • Curd Blast Freezer
  • Glycol chiller
  • IFT Bolck Ice Plant
  • Milk Cold Store
  • Glycol Pumping
  • Glycol chiller
  • Chilled Water Comp
  • Chilled Water Chillers
  • Glycol Chiller System
  • Glycol Nh3 Unit
  • Glycol Unit
  • Glycol Unit
  • Glycol Chiller System
De – superheater

This is one amongst the foremost essential and economical waste heat recovery system designed and dead by USA for numerous cooling plants in still and dairy farm business. We have got designed and put in the superheater systems with success for refrigeration plants from fifty TR to a thousand TR capability. De-superheaters system designed by USA ensures input energy free plight of temperatures up to ninety deg C. This leads to direct steam savings for boiler feed water. This systems conjointly reduces load on cooling system of refrigeration as hot gas ammonia enters the condensation system at fifty deg C rather than regular a hundred deg C and on top of we have any improved upon operation of the system by means of automation to confirm consistent ammonia and quandary temperatures at numerous capacities.

Glycol Chilling Systems for Brewery

Highly economical Glycol Chilling System is a vital feature of a distillery. We have got a large vary of excellent quality glycol chilling system. Advanced options like electrical converter,Trunk Line,Installation instrumentation,Replacement components etc. Square measure the most highlights of those systems that helps in simple process. They will be applied in concrete water batch cooling,extrusion sputtering systems,vaccum systems,turbo molecular pumpsetc. They will even Glycol Chilling Systems For distillery.

Ice Bank Tank System

The Ice bank tank system is employed in daries for the aim of refrigerant. The system permits a provide of ice to be designed up in associate ice bank vessel. The milk processes space needs cooling so cold water is circulated from the ice bank vessel there to space. A device within the milk processesspace can receive the cold water from the ice bank vessel. This is often worn out order to keep up a coffee refrigeration temperature within the milk process space.

Modern Block Ice creating Plant

We use trendy block ice ceating plant of latest technology to produce the simplest and reliable services to our customers. These plants square measure factory-made exploitation sturdy vary of materials and rigid construction.Our trendy block ice creating plants square.

Supply Of Ice Bank Tank System

We manufacture provide and export ammonia/freon primarily based ice bank systems. These systems square measure essential in dairies,water/brine chilling plants and cold stones. The ice bank tank system that we tend to manufacture square measure extremely sturdy,dimensionally correct and operationally effective.They are economical enough to satisfy the appliance wants of our customers.