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Do you Plan to Establish Food Processing Plants?.

Are you planning to construct any indusrial food processing plants? Preserving the food without losing its nutrient value is important. Chethan Engineering services manufacture and design various turnkey projects on following plants. Chethan food engineering team will construct the plants in any place  you want. We offer food processing plants with numerous customizations.

Dairy Plants

Chethan food process engineering team manufacture different plants for processing and preservation of milk. We also manufacture liquid milk processing plants and supply different product combination systems at varying capacity.

Highlights for Milk Dairy Plants:-
  • The activities don't hamper the nature
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Waste heat recovery of refrigeration plants.
  • Less cost when compared to other brands

Milk Processing& Packaging Plant

After the manufacturing process, milk and end products are carefully packaged. Our plant provide energy efficient utility services and all the plant machineries are interconnected mechanically and electrically.

Chilling Centers

Glycol Chilling System for milk chilling plant  operates using advanced technology. It use Rs 0.15 of power cost per liter of milk processed.

Milk by Product Plant

Milk by products are likely important as milk. Some of the common byproducts of
milk are ghee, butter, buttermilk etc. The by-products are yielded in appropriate stage of processing. These Milk by product plant  works with advanced strategies. These plants manufactured by them have the capacity to handle almost 10-50 million liters in a single day.

Brewery Plants

The brewing process in beer making is 15 day operation from malt extraction to beer bottling. The beginning and ending of process is done by refrigeration. The chilling system is required for cooling and maintaining the beer of 15 days production at various stages of processing such as fermentation, full cooling, laagering and filtration. Our brewing plants are very suitable for our beverage industry. It uses extensive R & D design and uses efficient automation system.

Industrial Refrigeration Plant

Industrial cooling or chilling plants are necessary for the maintenance of food and dairy products. The refrigeration plants manufactured by us are designed by considering the individual requirements & specifications. The plants manufactured by them are rugged in construction, durable & efficient in performance. The different types of refrigeration processes include cold storages, process cooling, water chilling etc.

Beverages&Juice Processing Plant

 Beverage processing plants are designed and installed for fruits, pulp processing and carbonated beverages etc. Nowadays juices have high market value. We are manufactured under a sequence of process. Our juice processing plants works with simplicity and makes easy processing. After these processes, the juice is finally filled in PET cans through hot filling system. The set of bottles are then placed in cartons for bulk packaging.
Depending upon the requirement of pulp in the juice, the processing steps can differ. Juices without pulp can be either clarified or not clarified. Nectars are important types of juices that require pulp.
Juices can also be categorized into natural or mixed juices. Natural juices are obtained from a single fruit. Mixed fruits, on the other hand are obtained by mixing the fruit juices in appropriate proportion.

Chethan Engineering team also conducted  various food projects exhibitions all over the world.

It is an ISO certified company.
Do You want to establish any plants, please visit this site.


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