Thursday, 5 March 2015

Chilling Plant Manufacturers

Brewery Plants

Brewery is nothing but it is a dedicated building for the making of beer. Chethan Engineering Services manufacturing best Brewery Plants at affordable price. The process used for beer making is known as brewing process. It is a 15 day operation. During this operation from the first day to final day the bottling beer is under refrigeration. For this refrigeration we need better chilling plants. Chethan Engineering services is the best Chilling plant manufacturers in chennai. There are different stages in beer making. Fermentation, full cooling, laagering and filtration are the different stages. The chilling system is required for cooling and maintaining the beer.For refrigeration there are different types of plants.We also provides various industrial refrigeration plants.These plant are essential for the maintenance of food and diary products. 

Different refrigaration plants

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Glycol Chilling Systems For Brewery

It is a necessary system for a brewery. Chethan engineering services manufacturing high quality glycol chilling system for brewery.

Ice Bank Tank System

Ice bank Tank System are mainly used in diaries for refrigeration purpose. The milk processing area should be cold. The main feature of ice bank tank system is iced water supply pump with safety bypass.

Modern Block Ice Making Plant

We manufacture effective and efficient modern block ice making plant.we can use the plant easily. its easiness is the important feature. It is possible to use the plant continuously for a long time.

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